Dual Side View Camera (CAM.313MS.V4A.DUO)Return to Cameras

COMING SOON! The latest breakthrough in blind side monitoring. The Zone Defense Dual Side View Camera was designed to show both a close up and long distance view from the side of the vehicle to reduce blindside accidents and improve drivers view. This camera works specifically with the Zone Defense Blind Side Monitor (ZD.M.312.PILLAR).  

Simple to install and use, the monitor mounts on the a-pillar of your vehicle, while the specialized duo camera mounts on the outside of the vehicle. The dual camera allows for a close up view of nearby objects along with a long view so drivers can make safe lane changes. 


  • Shows two cameras views using camera angles specific to blind side blind spots. 
  • Upper camera lens viewing angle: 62o / 110o
  • Lower camera lens viewing angle: 110o / 84o
  • Camera Anit-Vibration rating: ISO 16750-3 (17.3G)  / IP69K
  • Increases night and rain visibility in lateral blind spot
Designed with fleet safety and budgets in mind, Zone Defense systems integrate seamlessly, allowing you to add-on to your fleet safety program as time and budgets permit. For more information about this and other Zone Defense fleet safety tools, contact us today.