Blind Side Monitor (ZD.M.312.PILLAR)Return to Monitors

COMING SOON! The latest breakthrough in blind side monitoring. This high definition monitor works with our Dual Sideview Camera (CAM.313.MS.V4A.DUO) to provide drivers with a crisp, clear HD view of objects in the drivers dangerous blind side to reduce blind side accidents.

Simple to install and use, the monitor mounts on the a-pillar of your vehicle, while the specialized duo camera mounts on the outside of the vehicle. The dual camera allows for a close up view of nearby objects along with a long view so drivers can make safe lane changes. 


  • Shows two cameras views using camera angles specific to blind side blind spots. 
  • High Definition monitor resoution at 1920*3 (RGB) *720  to provides the most clear, crisp picture for drivers
  • Monitor Shockproof rating: ISO 16570-3 (6.3G Max)
  • Increases night and rain visibility in lateral blind spot
Easy install on left/right a-pillars to give drivers the best line of sight view.

Designed with fleet safety and budgets in mind, Zone Defense systems integrate seamlessly, allowing you to add-on to your fleet safety program as time and budgets permit. For more information about this and other Zone Defense fleet safety tools, contact Zone Defense today.