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Introducing ZonePro ADAS, the latest in a long line of fleet safety technology from Zone Defense. ZonePro ADAS is a virtual coaching and event capture system that utilizes artificial intelligenct to read road signs, road lines, and integrated technology to provide your driver with real-time, actionable voice prompts to change driver behavior before an accident occurs.

What if...
What if a Safety Manager was sitting next to your drivers every time they got behind the wheel? Would driving patterns and behaviors changes? ZonePro is your driver's virtual coach, while also providing video and images on a secure portal. 

How it works

"> During the drive, the virtual coach gives actionable voice prompts during the drive so the driver can make corrections in real time. A breadcrumb trail of the drive appears in real-time on a secure cloud portal showing the events as they occur.

After the drive, the driver will see their scorecard, while corresponding video and image files are sent to the portal.

On the cloud, managers will see fleet trips, run report, view driver trends, and can even customize what is captured, notifications they want to receive, and more.

Easy to use, easy to install

ZonePro consists of three core components:
ZonePro ADAS camera 

The camera: this is the eyes of the system that watches what is happening on the road

ZD Drive Mobile Application
The ZD Drive Mobile Application: This is the brains of the system. Installed on any Android device, the application determines when an actionable event occurs that requires coaching. It keeps track of the drive and sends data to the portal about the drive. When the trip has ended, the driver sees their scorecard to keep track of their improvements from drive to drive.

The Portal: All your data is contained on a secure cloud portal to provide easy access, quick reports, and snapshots of drivers behavior. You can also easily see fleet trends, drivers that need training, view videos and images, and see the breadcrumb trail of the drive/trip in real time.

Email Zone Defense today for a complete demonstration of the portal and ZonePro system.