Zone Defense 24GHz Radar Object Detection (S.ZD.398.RDS)Return to Collision Warning Systems

Introducing our industrial grade object detection radar system built specifically for heavy equipment and commercial vehicles working in extreme conditions.

  • Detect objects in vehcile blind spots
  • Integrates with camera and monitors to provide both visual and audible alerts per NHTSA recommendations
  • Works in extreme conditions / IP69K rated
  • Customize your detection zone!
Customize your detection zone, cameras and monitors.
  • Rugged design for consistent alerts in extreme environments
  • Supports detection zone up to 20M / 65'
  • Set your detection zone, or we can set it for you
  • Uses advanced 24GHz Microwave Radar
  • Audible alert increases in reate as an object gets closer, automatically going to solid and constant tone when a object is in the red zone
  • Includes speciality brackets that allow more flexibility in mounting
  • Optional two sensor system available for extra wide vehicles
  • Allows you to choose the monitor and cameras you need for you specific vehicle and environment

Designed with fleet safety and budgets in mind, Zone Defense systems integrate seamlessly, allowing you to add-on to your fleet safety program as time and budgets permit. For more information about the Zone Defense 24GHz Radar and otehr Zone Defense fleet safety tools, contact us via email or call 866.677.1212.