Zone Defense Bookmark Button for ProSeries (R.AVS.BUTTON.S1)Return to Mobile Digital Video Recording and Tracking

The Zone Defense Bookmark Button is an accessory for the ProSeries MDVR series for fleet recording. When added to the system, drivers can manually bookmark recorded events with a push of a button. This allows drivers and managers to easily find any non-triggered event the driver deemed important to note during the day.

Common uses reported by our customers include:

  • Waste Industry: proof of a trash receptical being blocked during normal business hours
  • Delivery: proof of package delivery
  • General: recording an accident they witnessed when not involved or other behaviors that they believe they will be asked to supply an account of what occured
Zone Defense has developed our products to easily add-on to your existing systems. Our modular approach allows you to customize your MDVR to meet your specific needs. Additional options include motion sensors, door open/close and other triggers for cargo recording, and more. Contact Zone Defense for a quote today.

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