Zone Defense Smart Side Detect BSD (S.ZD.398.BSD)Return to Collision Warning Systems

Zone Defense introduces Smart Side Detect BSD, an intelligent side blind spot detection system that uses advanced programming to determine when and how to alert drivers to objects in their blind spot. 

  • Assist drivers with lane change and cross traffic manuevers
  • Advanced programming utilized time to collision, speed, and other factors to determine when, how, and if a driver receives an alert
  • Integrates with High Definition Zone Defense monitors and cameras for visual and audible alerts
  • Utilizes 24 GHz Microwave Radar for consistent detection in all conditions
The sensors are always activated when the vehicle is powered. A driver will receive a visual alert when an object is in their blind spot.
Smart Detect uses rear and lateral screening to continually watch what is happening behind the vehicle when in reverse. The smart detection determines if the object is moving toward or away from the sensor to determine if an alert is required.
Lane Change Assist The Smart Side Detect system utilizes time to collision. If it is less than 2.5 seconds, a not turn icon for the side detected is illuminated. When integrated with a monitor, it will show up as a red bar on the corresponding side.

Designed with fleet safety and budgets in mind, Zone Defense systems integrate seamlessly, allowing you to add-on to your fleet safety program as time and budgets permit. For more information about this and other Zone Defense fleet safety tools contact Zone Defense today