Zone Defense 10" HD Touch Screen Monitor (ZD.M.310.HD.KIT or ZD.M.310Q.MIR.HD.KIT)Return to Monitors

Your view just got a lot bigger. Introducing the Zone Defense 10” HD Monitor.  This monitor is available in two versions: Single View (ZD.M.310.HD.KIT) or Quad View (ZD.M.310Q.MIR.HD.KIT)

  • 10” HD monitor supports simultaneous view of up to four cameras
  • Easy touchscreen to toggle between screens
  • Custom and pre-set triggers to automate view
  • Ability to mirror Android and iOS displays right onto monitor
  • 10” High definition monitor for clear, crisp images
  • Up to four cameras can be seen connected
  • Simple to understand navigation screens
  • Available in touch screen with easy “swipe” navigation. Simply swipe to take a specific camera to full screen!
  • Includes custom and pre-set trigger priorities including blinker
  • Touch screen control panel for easy use
  • Multiple language options for interface
  • Includes infra-red technology to provide night vision 
  • Selectable auto-trigger delays
  • Power supply: DC12 ~ 32V

In the Box:
  • 1 10” HD Monitor (Single or Quad View
  • Remote control
  • Mounting brackets
  • Optional DVD or VGA Cable

Safety is an investment and you need a system that is flexible enough to grow with you as your fleet safety needs change. Contact a Zone Defense Fleet Safety and Integration specialist to learn more at 866.672.1212.