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Introducing the Zone Defense SmartNav® / NavPlus® Adapter

Easily turn your existing navigation monitor into blind spot and accident avoidance monitor without increasing cab clutter. The new Zone Defense SmartNav / NavPlus Adapter allows you to connect up to four Zone Defense non-shutter cameras to the SmartNav or NavPlus monitor that is included in most Kenworth® and Peterbilt® trucks.

  • Easily integrate blind spot cameras into existing navigation monitor
    • Cameras are sold separately
    • Works with all Zone Defense non-shuttered, cabled cameras
    • Can support up to four camera views on the SmartNav monitor
  • Simple to install
  • No need to purchase or install extra monitors
  • Available for Kenworth and Peterbilt vehicles (2017+ Models)
Limited time Introductory Offer!

Zone Defense is offering this product as special introductory pricing for a very limited time. To learn more about the new SmartNav adapter and our introductory offers please contact us.


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