Zone Defense Coil Connector Kit (CBL.359A.2)Return to Cables & Adapters

Built specifically for tractor/trailer configurations, this kit provides you with everything you need to easily connect a tractor with an installed Zone Defense monitor to all trailers that are equipped with a Zone Defense camera with a simple connection.

What's in the box:

  • Tractor socket cable  (CBL.359H)
  • Coil Cable (CBL.359A)
  • Trailer socket cable (CBL.359G)
How it works:
  • Install the tractor socket cable and connect to the monitor
  • Install the trailer socket cable and connect to the camera
  • The coil cable marries the monitor and camera to provide drivers with a clear view of their blind spot
This system is available in a single, dual, or triple camera configuration. In addition, each cable is sold separately to Tractor and Trailer OEMs so they can pre-install the cables necessary for provide their customers with a seamless and simple connection.

Please contact Zone Defense today to determine which cables you'll need for your configuration.