Zone Defense Black Box (R.AVS.400B.4)Return to Mobile Digital Video Recording and Tracking

Zone Defense’s Black Box Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) is a powerhouse in small form factor. It has all the bells and whistles you expect in the larger, more expensive MDVR’s but it’s small size makes for easy use and installation. Supports up to 4 cameras and full audio capability for all-around vision and you can customize your camera configuration. 

  • Benefits
    • GPS Tracking
    • Tracking via user-friendly Google Maps
    • Secure and tamper-proof memory storage with lock
    • Supports 4 SDHC cars for up to 128GB of memory
    • Triggered or manually set event recording
    • Fully triggered for automotive events and alarms
    • Easy to navigate event record library
    • No software to buy!
    • No reoccurring charges to view playback.
    • Playback shows location, speed and cameras on vehicle
    • H.264 compression format to reduce memory use
    • Supports USB / mobile HDD recording for backup
    • Automatically switch to the working camera when trigger is activated
    • Integrates with all Zone Defense systems
  • What’s in the box
    • ZoneDefender® Mobile Digital Video Recorder
    • This system is completely customizable. Please call for quote to set up your monitor, camera, and playback configuration today.
    • All Zone Defense cabled monitors and cameras are interchangeable, allowing you to easily add-on Dashboard cameras, MDVRs, reversing sensors and other vision solutions today or in the future.
When you are ready, contact Zone Defense. Our fleet safety integrators will help you determine the best system based on your industry, vehicle type, and budget.