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Our Waste and Recycling customers were having a pesky rodent issues. The rodents decided the vehicle cables were a major food group. This was costing our customers time and productivity every time they had to take a machine out of production to replace cables. They also had to allocate some of their safety budget to keep replacement cables on the shelf. That is why we developed Armored Cables:

  • Protection against rodent or other pesky creatures
  • Reduces need to take vehicle out of production to replace cables
  • Withstands the most extreme elements
  • Reduces the cost associated with replacing cables
  • Available for all camera types in multiple lengths:
    • 5 Meter (CBL.358C.Armored)
    • 10 Meter (CBL.358B.Armored)
    • 15 Meter (CBL.358A.Armored)
    • 20 Meter (CBL.358.Armored)
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