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Organizations need to know where all their assets are, not just those that include a motor. That is why Zone Defense offers ZD Track, a small device that can locate property, people, and more with the click of a button.

ZD Track are asset management devices that are self-contained, self-powered asset locators and monitoring tools designed for discrete tracking on containers, trailers, mobile equipment, tools, heavy machinery, boats, lone workers, road barriers, and almost anything else you can imagine.

  • Benefits
    • Small and discreet design to easily hide from sight
    • Save money and time by knowing where your assets are when you need them
    • Turnkey End to End solution - Device, Network Connectivity, Web Application
    • Asset monitoring from any computer with internet access, smartphone or tablet
    • Both Standalone and Assisted GPS for ensured reporting in regions where weak signal may be an issue (large cities, indoors, etc.)
    • Hard wired to a power source and trickle charge or standalone device with a long life rechargeable battery (1 to 10 year batteries available)
    • Integration available to many enterprise software systems
    • Built in cellular and GPS antennas
    • Inputs for alerting door opening, door closing, fill level, etc. available
    • Inputs for measuring temperature, voltages, etc. available
    • Smart Bluetooth to talk to intelligent devices so you can easily connect to existing equipment with digital input/output
    • ​Outputs for driving external devices available
  • Practical / common applications:
    • Trailer / Shipping containers
    • Lone Workers
    • Job Boxes
    • Tool Boxes
    • Temperature Monitor / Control
    • Field assests such as Road barriers
  • Make it a "PLUS" system!
    • The Zone Defense Asset Tracker is purchased through the Geotab® Markeplace and includes the features above plus:
      • Data is automatically loaded into Geotab, eliminating the need for data entry
      • Easily access your information live through the Geotab interface through a tablet, smart phone, or computer
      • Real time notifications such as low battery, motion, tamper, and more
When you are ready, contact Zone Defense. Our fleet safety experts will help you determine the best system based on your industry, vehicle type, and budget. We are proud to work with an industry-wide network of certified resellers and OEMs that can help build the system you need today, with an eye to protect your investment for a safer tomorrow.