Zone Defense Four Channel Multiplexer (MUL.604)Return to Multiplexers

The 4-Channel Multiplexer gives a quad screen view using only one monitor input. This robust multiplexer allows you to switch any of the camera views from a multi-view format to full screen view. With the built-in tethered remote, the cameras can be manually switched as needed, or the trigger wires can be connected to automatically adjust the full screen when the appropriate switch is activated. For example, the driver can see the view from four different cameras on the monitor. Once the driver goes into reverse or engages the blinker, the appropriate camera’s view goes to full screen giving the driver a better view of the area.

  • Benefits
    • 4 camera and 1 AV ouput
    • Operates on 12v DC up to 24v DC
    • 4 trigger wires support auto switching to the working camera in full screen or dual screen when 2 working cameras need to be viewed
    • Provides power short circuit protection
    • Selectable video and audio output from either camera (NTSC/PAL)
    • Standard 1 year warranty (5 year available)
    • Room to grow
      • All Zone Defense cabled monitors and cameras are interchangeable, allowing you to easily add-on Dashboard cameras, MDVRs, reversing sensors and other vision solutions today or in the future.
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