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The Side Defender system actively warns operators with audible and visual alerts, in order for them to take the appropriate actions to mitigate collisions. Additionally, it has the ability to integrate with telematics applications, vehicle control systems, vision systems or other sensors using industry standard communications.

  • Benefits
    • CAN bus integration allows the system to automatically change detection zones and modes based on speed:
      • Highway Mode: The system alerts operators of vehicles in the side blind zones while ignoring stationary objects such as guardrails to reduce nuisance alerts.
      • Slow-Speed Mode: The Side Defender is positioned to play an integral role in the emerging side turn assist applications, aimed specifically at reducing the incidence of collisions with pedestrians and cyclists in urban environments.
    • Accurately identifies location and velocity of up to 16 people or objects simultaneously in zone
    • Built-in fail-safe alerts to notify operator of radar blockage
    • IP69K and 7G rating
  • What’s in the box
    • Side Collision Warning Radar sensor
    • Left or Right in-cab display
    • Cables to connect display and sensor
  • Available Options
    • Add extra side Radar sensor (Left or Right)
    • Add multiple cameras and in-cab monitor
      • Seamlessly integrate rear, left side, right side, or other visual aides to your system.
      • Driver can easily view and see distance of object from sensor with in-cab monitors. Based on the monitor chosen, your driver can view four cameras at once, monitor triggers will automatically show camera based on maneuver or detection, and driver can toggle through monitors for a closer view even when nothing is detected
    • Add Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) system with triggers set by sensor
When you are ready to improve your fleet safty, contact Zone Defense. Our fleet safety integrators will help you determine the best system based on your industry, vehicle type, and budget.