Ultrasonic Rear Collision Warning System (S.ZD.397.HDF)Return to Collision Warning Systems

The Zone Defense Ultrasonic system is our automotive-grade collision warning system. Most over-the-road fleets don’t need the cost associated with an industrial-grade sensor system. They need a warning system that works, can handle their daily environment, and is within the constraints of their budgets. This system is ideal for automotive/SUV, Box/Delivery trucks and utility vehicles.

  • Benefits
    • Small sensors don’t require a lot of space on the back of the vehicle for installation
    • Detection zone is preset at 5 meters, which is optimal for over-the-road maneuvers
    • Audio alerts include both beeping and distance notification:
      • Driver receives an audible notification of distance from sensor to detected object along with an urgent STOP when they are too close
      • An audible beeping alert increases in frequency when your vehicle is getting close to detected objects
    • When combined with a Zone Defense monitor and camera, the detection zone and distance to detected object is overlaid on the monitor, providing the driver both a visual and audible alert
  • What’s in the Box
    • Four sensors
    • Four sensor cables (8')
    • Control Box
    • Camera cable 
  • Available options:
    • Add Monitors (link to monitor section)
      • When a monitor is added, the sensor information is overlaid onto the monitor showing the operator the distance between the sensor and the detected object.
    • Add Cameras (link to camera section)
    • Change monitor visual alert measurements from Feet to Meters
    • Need longer cables? Then chose S.ZD.397.HDF.V2. You get the same benefits mentioned, with longer 25' sensor cables.
When you are ready to improve your fleet safety, contact Zone Defense. Our fleet safety integrators will help you determine the best system based on your industry, vehicle type, and budget.