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If you need a quick mounting camera that will easily attach to most existing rails or external brackets, this is the camera for you. Our customers generally purchase this camera specifically to mount on the exterior side mirror bracket. When paired with the Zone Defense Rear View vision system, it provides your driver with view of the side and rear camera. (For purchase with existing Monitor, or can purchase monitor separately)

  • Benefits
    • Wide viewing angle exceeds FMVSS 111 field of view requirements when used for rear view vision
    • Infra-red provides driver with night vision at a distance of 10M / 32’
    • Operates on 12v DC up to 24v DC
    • IP69K rating and 7G rating to withstand power washing and harsh vibration
    • Integrates with Zone Defense and other 3rd Party Monitors and Recording devices (with OEM adapter cable sold separately)
    • Standard 1 year warranty (5 year available)
    • All Zone Defense cabled monitors and cameras are interchangeable, allowing you to easily add-on Dashboard cameras, MDVRs, reversing sensors and other vision solutions today or in the future.
When you are ready, contact Zone Defense. Our fleet safety integrators will help you determine the best system based on your industry, vehicle type,and budget. 


Zone Defense Bracket Mounted Camera