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Zone Defense has partnered with FLIR® to provide the most reliable and affordable thermal imager available today. This nighttime vision camera is ideal for a variety of transportation and other driver vision enhancement applications including mining, fire rescue, heavy equipment, and more.

  • Benefits
    • Easily incorporated with Zone Defense cameras, monitors, and mobile digital video recording systems.
    • Thermal imaging allows your driver to see what is happening around them with minimal light.
    • Thermal images are shown at further distances, giving drivers more time to react to objects crossing their path.
Low cost, minimal size and high reliability makes this system affordable to fleets of all sizes or OEM’s that want to provide a combination of thermal and standard images for their drivers.

When you are ready, contact Zone Defense. Our fleet safety integrators will help you determine the best system based on your industry, vehicle type, and budget.

Zone Defense Flir Thermal Imaging