Zone Defense 7" HD Touch Screen Monitor (ZD.M.302.HD.KIT)Return to Monitors

Introducing the Zone Defense 7” HD Monitor. This high definition monitor supports up to four (4) cameras and supports 1080P video output when using with high definition camera.

  • Improve driver view in dangerous blind spots
  • Connect up to four cameras
  • Ability to see all cameras connected at the same time
  • Easy touchscreen to toggle between screens
  • Custom and pre-set triggers to automate view
  • Grid overlay on monitor in reverse
  • 7” High definition monitor for clear, crisp images
  • Up to four cameras can be seen when connected
  • Simple to understand navigation screens
  • Available in touch screen with easy “swipe” navigation. Simply swipe to take a specific camera to full screen!
  • Includes custom and pre-set trigger priorities including blinker
  • Touch screen control panel for easy use
  • Multiple language options for interface
  • Automatic backlight control for clear images in day or night driving
  • Selectable auto-trigger delays
  • Power supply: DC12 ~ 32V

In the Box:
  • 1 7” HD Monitor 
  • Remote control
  • Mounting brackets (center mount and U-bracket Mount)
  • Sun Shield
  • Angle Adjustable screws
  • Optional DVD or VGA Cable

Safety is an investment and you need a system that is flexible enough to grow with you as your fleet safety needs change. Contact a Zone Defense Fleet Safety and Integration specialist to learn more at 866.672.1212.