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Zone Defense Brings Ultimate Canadian Vision Solution to Market

Rugged blind spot vision system is designed to perform in sub-zero temperatures with a built-in heater and corrosion-resistant design to provide unmatched video coverage on fleet vehicles in any environment

By Teresa Prisbrey - March 31, 2021

Red Deer, Alberta – March 31, 2021 Zone Defense, a leader in mobile video solutions, announced today the release of its Ultimate Canadian Vision Solution. The Ultimate Canadian Vision Solution from Zone Defense – a Pro-Vision company – is designed and tested in Canada in the harsh winter conditions to ensure it’s ready to perform in the most extreme conditions – including temperatures below -40° C.

This system is designed with waterproof and corrosion resistant steel – in addition to a heater that automatically turns on when the ambient temperature falls below 10
° C – so users can trust the system to get the job done no matter what the conditions are outside.

The camera’s heater also runs on its own separate power. This allows the heating element to remain active to protect the camera – even when it isn’t in use – to eliminate any viewing delays on the weatherproof monitor. The monitor also features built-in heaters to ensure there’s no delay in getting camera views on the monitor to see blind spots and prevent accidents – even if the vehicle sat outside in the cold overnight.

 “Here in Red Deer, we have firsthand experience with Canadian winters,” said Josh Markus, vice president of sales at Zone Defense-Canada. “The cold weather can delay the driver’s view in some systems, which is why we added a heating element with its own power source to heat the camera based on the ambient temperature – even when the vehicle is not running. The result is a system that is immediately ready at vehicle start, eliminating any driver delays in seeing their critical blind spots.”

A wide 150-degree field-of-view and built-in SMART IR for crystal-clear night vision ensures drivers have the clear images they need to monitor blind spots and prevent accidents. The Ultimate Canadian Vision Solution can also be used as a singular solution or it can be easily implemented as part of a multi-camera safety system, providing the flexibility needed to meet the unique safety needs of fleets of all sizes.

As with all Zone Defense and Pro-Vision safety solutions, this system can be attached to a digital video recorder with multiple options for uploading and storing data to meet your specific needs.

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