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Zone Defense launches its advanced AI Virtual Coach safety camera on Geotab Marketplace

ZonePro ADAS is more than a traditional dashboard camera providing drivers with real-time voice prompts to improve driver behavior in real-time.

By Teresa Prisbrey - March 19, 2020

Zone Defense, a leader in vision-based fleet safety solutions today announced that its latest AI-based camera, ZonePro ADAS, is now available on the Geotab Marketplace.

ZonePro Virtual Coach and DashcamThe new ZonePro ADAS camera is a forward-facing camera that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to watch the road, read road signs, and alert drivers of dangerous behaviors. While other systems use beep or in-cab icons to alert drivers, ZonePro uses actionable voice commands such as “Following too Close”, “Posted Speed Limit 55” and “Lane Drift” to not only get their attention but to tell the driver exactly what behavior needs to be addressed in real-time. In addition, the driver sees their scorecard at the end of each trip so they can see where they have improved.

Unlike traditional dashboard cameras, ZonePro ADAS uses advanced artificial intelligence and the power of cloud computing to provide fleet managers with event-based recording, fleet safety trends, and real-time alerts of poor driving behaviors. This critical safety data is now integrated with both MyGeotab and the Geotab Drive app, enabling Geotab users to access their fleet’s telematics data, driver/fleet behavior trends, and event-based videos on a familiar platform. Zone Defense is the designer, developer, and patent holder of the ZonePro ADAS camera, with thousands on the market under various brand names.

“Our customers asked us to develop something that was more than a traditional dashboard camera, they wanted a preventative safety tool that would help keep drivers focused on the road in real-time.   The ZonePro ADAS camera successfully meets our customer’s needs with real, actionable voice commands” said Teresa Prisbrey, Zone Defense Senior Vice President of Operations.

ZonePro ADAS is currently available on the Geotab Marketplace at:
ZonePro ADAS is also available as a standalone system, please visit our ZonePro page for more information. 

“With road safety being a top concern for Geotab, it has always been our goal to offer a wide range of advanced solutions through the Geotab Marketplace and its extensive ecosystem of partners that help improve fleet safety,” said Louis De Jong, Executive Vice President at Geotab. “By providing industry-leading camera solutions from partners such as Zone Defense, we are giving our customers access to tools that can help them meet their fleets safety objectives.”

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