What if a Safety Manager was sitting next to your drivers every time they got behind the wheel? Would driving patterns and behaviors change? ZonePro is your driver’s virtual coach, while also providing video and images on a secure portal. Contact Zone Defense for a demonstration today!

How ZonePro Works

During the drive, a coach gives actionable voice prompts on driving behaviors so the driver can correct in real time. A breadcrumb trail of the drive appears in real-time on a secure clould portal.

After the drive, the driver will see their scorecard, while corresponding video and image files are sent to the portal

On the cloud, managers will see fleet trips, can run reports, view driver trends, and can even customize what is captured, notifications received, and more.

Virtual Coach In the Cab Examples

Following Distance

Measures the distance to the vehicle in front of the camera and warns the driver if they are following too closely. Fleet Managers can set the sensitivity for their fleet.

Driver Hears

“Following too close”


Artificial intelligence reads speed limit signs including temporary and construction signs and announces speed limit to drivers.

Driver Hears

“Speed Limit xx”, then if speeding will hear “Speed Limit Violation”

Harsh Vehicle Operation

Customize the sensitivity for harsh acceleration, corning, and braking.

Driver Hears

“Harsh (Cornering, Braking or Acceleration)”

Camera is the Eyes

The camera looks out the windshield to read signs, see the lines in the road, and monitor harsh operations. The information is fed to the mobile application.

Mobile application is the brains 

Installed on any Android device (Apple coming soon), the application provides real-time voice coaching to improve driver behavior in real time. At the end of each trip, the driver can view their scorecard.  The mobile app then packages and sends the corresponding video and images to your secure cloud portal.

Zone Defense Business Intelligence (ZDBI)

The ZDBI portal keeps your data and videos secure. The intuitive design allows you to easily see where your vehicles are through a real-time breadcrumb trail, allows you to receive alerts when events occur, and provides easy reporting to easily see your best drivers, who needs extra training, and common events. In addition, you can easily download view your video with a click of the button and see all the data with each event, including location, speed traveling, driver, and more. 

The ZDBI portal can even integrate with your existing telematics system through easy to use APIs. This allows you to access the ZonePro data from your telematics portal, eliminating the need to navigate or train fleet and safety managers on multiple portals.