Improve work site safety

  • Monitor and record stop arm violations with mobile digital video recording (MDVR) and cameras
  • Video Proof: Monitor and record student and driver activity inside the bus to exonerate or improve driver and student behaviors. Includes a manual capture button to flag the driver can push to flag incidents.
  • Prevent accidents with cameras and customized detection zones that give drivers a clear view around the bus as well as an audible alert. 
  • Track busses during their route
  • Monitor, record, and receive notification of speeding, harsh turning, harsh braking, and other dangerous driver activities
  • Ability to track students pickup and drop off with notification capability

Student Transit Statistics 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Occupants of school transportation vehicles account for 8% of school-transportation related crashes
  • Non-occupants account for 21% of the fatalities
  • 65% of school transportation related fatalities were students truck by the school bus
  • Many school districts have begun implementing stop arm, front and side cameras to reduce the most common accidents in this industry

Recommended Industry Solutions:

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1: Blind Spot Camera System

  • All cameras meet FMVSS 111 viewing standards.
  • Multiple monitor types available to fit cab configurations.
  • Multiple views available: Rear, Side(s), 360 degree and Birdseye.
2: Collision Warning

  • Add audible alerts to vision system.
  • Industrial grade sensors withstand harsh conditions.
  • Detection zone customized to meet school bus specific blind areas.
  • Fully integrates with vision system!
3: Dashboard Camera

  • Dual in-cab and forward facing camera monitors and records external and driver activities
  • Multiple triggers capture and tag video for later viewing
  • Improve driver behavior with real world video examples
  • Exonerates driver and school district with video proof
4: In-Cab Passenger Dome Camera

  • Bus driver can manually record events happening as they happen with the students
  • Provide video proof of student transport incidents such as bullying, student boarding/leaving bus, and other incidents
  • Provide driver training tools using video on how to handle incidents

  • Record 1-8 cameras simultaneously
  • Multiple data download options available (Wi-Fi, Cellular, SD Card)
  • Preprogrammed and customized event capture triggers and notification options.
  • Manual event capture button allows driver to trigger video capture when a non-triggered event occurs such as bullying and stop arm violations.
  • Great training tool to change risky behaviors before an accident occurs.
6: Tracking

  • GPS tracking allows you to always know where the bus is on its route
  • System setup can include scanning student ID as they enter and depart the bus.
  • Triggers can be set up to notify school officials or parents when a student fails to enter the bus on their route, or departs the bus in a different location

Benefitting School Transit:

Reduce struck by accidents

Our completely integrated line of collision awareness and collision avoidance tools work in the harshest conditions to give your bus operators the information they need to prevent backing and blind spot accidents.

Reduce school-bus bullying

Eliminate the he said/she said common in bullying claims. With the Zone Defense in-cab camera and monitoring system, the bus driver can trigger an event video capture when he sees poor behavior. Even if the bullying happens when the driver is focused on the road and is unaware, the video is still available by VIN number and time stamp for easy access.


Report Stop Arm Violations

Provide law enforcement agencies or press with video proof of stop arm violations to educate community of the dangers.

Reduce fleet costs

Fleet tracking gives you the tools you need to reduce bus downtime, track and improve routes to increase fuel savings, and even goes the extra mile with the option of tracking students entering and departing the bus.


Improve worker behaviors to reduce accidents

Our MDVRs provide automatic triggers and customized trigger to capture when your operators are making potential dangerous choices behind the wheel. Most of our customers utilize these videos as training tools to change poor work site behavior before it causes accidents. 

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