Zone Defense as an OEM Partner

  • Brand your company: You can put your logo on cameras, monitors, mobile digital video recording, and more. Zone Defense has many accident avoidance and recording devices on the road today that carry OEM (original equipment manufacturer), upfitters, end user, and even distributor logo/marks.
  • Provide value-added solutions: Zone Defense can design safety technology specific to your needs.
  • Our manufacturing and design engineers ensure your work is completed on time and on budget.
  • Our integrity is beyond reproach. We never advertise which companies that carry our products under their private label.
  • Co-branded labeling and development is also an option. For example, we have provided co-branded hardware to multiple dashboard recording resellers.
  • Please contact Zone Defense today.

Featured co-branded partner:

  • LightMetrics and Zone Defense partnered to develop the RideCam system (show RideCam image attached)
  • RideCam provides a cost-effective approach for dashboard recording.
  • Zone Defense developed and manufactures the RideCam camera and hardware that is mounted on the dashboard and then easily plugs into a lighter. The “monitor” is your preferred mobile device. The hardware includes the ability to monitor idle time, speeding/overspeed, harsh turns, vehicle location and more.
  • LightMetrics developed an application that is easily downloaded to your mobile device that captures the video in easy to navigate folders. In addition, fleet managers can sign-in at any time to view driver activity.
  • Learn more at

Most Common OEM Options:

1: Blind Spot Camera Options

  • Zone Defense currently has multiple camera / accident avoidance systems that can be tailored to fit your needs:
    1. Private label / white label options
    2. Customized / Engineered option that integrate with other vendor fleet solutions
  • Multiple monitor types available to fit cab OEM truck configurations including:
    1. Mirror monitors, 5 inch, 7 inch,9 inch, and 10 inch monitors
    2. Touch screen monitors
    3. Rugged duty monitors that withstand open cab environments
    4. Multiple-view screen views on a single monitor: split screen, tri-screen, quad-screen, or birdseye view)
2: Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR)

  • Dashboard camera systems and recording. Can be set for both in-cab and forward-facing recording or forward facing only recording.
  • MDVRs that can record up to 8 cameras simultaneously
  • Includes GPS for time and location stamping
  • Multiple triggers capture and tag video for later viewing
  • OEMs can customize triggers and even build applications for their customers
3: Cargo / Passenger Dome Camera

  • View and/or record what is happening in the cargo area of transport trucks, school/transit busses, and more.
  • Ability to set triggers to begin recording based on different sensors even when the vehicle is not running (when combined with MDVR and Tracking)
4: Tracking

  • GPS tracking allows you to always know where vehicles are located
  • Motion sensing allows for to provide additional security to your customers.

Your Partner in Safety Solutions:

Brand your own accident avoidance system

Our completely integrated line of collision awareness and collision avoidance tools work in the harshest conditions to give your bus operators the information they need to prevent backing and blind spot accidents.

Quality products that you are proud to hang your brand on

Zone Defense’s solutions all come with a standard 1 year warranty, with 3 and 5 year available. We stand behind our products and our customer service in unsurpassed.   


Customize systems to meet your customer needs

Zone Defense cameras, monitors, and mobile digital video cameras are interchangeable. You can easily build a system specific to the vehicle type you are building with the functionality you want to provide.

Getting started

It all starts with a call. Contact Zone Defense at 866.585.1465 or email us today to start developing your branded or customized safety solution today.


Experienced Original Design and Original Equipment Manufacturer

Zone Defense has a strong track record for designing, engineering, and producing fleet safety solutions on time and on budget.  

When you are ready, contact Zone Defense. Our fleet safety integrators will help you determine the best system based on your industry, vehicle type, and budget.