The Zone Defense family of multiplexers make it possible for several signals to share a single device, allowing you to connect multiple cameras, recording devices, and other technologies into a single monitor. Using a Zone Defense Multiplexer, you can add additional cameras, triggers, and viewing functionality easily and without the need to remove existing Zone Defense and Monitors.

For example, an armored truck may have a rearview camera, a left and right-side camera, and a cargo camera installed. The driver will want to see what is happening around the vehicle AND ensure the cargo area is clear before departing the vehicle. The multiplexer allows the driver to view all cameras simultaneously, while still maintaining the main maneuvering triggers (such as full screen in reverse mode). CALL TO ORDER: 1.866.672.1212


Zone Defense Four Channel Multiplexer (MUL.604)

The 4-Channel Multiplexer gives a quad screen view using only one monitor input. This robust multiplexer allows you to switch any of the camera views from a multi-view format to full screen view. Click to learn more...

Zone Defense Two Channel Multiplexer (MUL.602)

Sometimes, you just need to see what is happening in both cameras at the same time, sometimes a single camera view is the key. The Zone Defense 2-Channel Multiplexer gives you the freedom to choose your view. Click to le