Improving Waste Safety in NYC

New commercial waste safety manual

By Teresa Prisbrey - February 22, 2018

The New York City Business Integrity Commission just announced the release of the new Waste Safety Manual. This manual was created with the assistance from many organizations, including NWRA, SWANA, private waste companies, drivers and more.

This comprehensive manual covers driver safety from the start of the day through the end of the shift. In addition, they outlined the key fleet technologies that help keep drivers and the communities they serve safe from harm.


Industry Standard

Best Practices


Items either required by law or industry leaders consider essential to safe operations Items that industry leaders strongly recommend you incorporate into your operations Items that are worth exploring to find out how they can improve safety at your company
  • All safety equipment required by the FMCSA and NYS laws and regulations including seat belts, cross-over and other mirrors, reflectors, headlights and other lamps, service and emergency brakes
  • Sideguards
  • Emergency stop button
  • Audible backup alert
  • LED hopper lights
  • Strobe lights
  • Reflective tape and logos
  • Hydraulic safety latches
  • Warning Decals (e.g. Slow Down to Get Around)
  • Bottom of hopper painted with reflective paint
  • High vision truck cabs
  • On-board computer and GPS
  • Back-up camera
  • Automated toters/tippers
  • 360o Camera
  • Collision avoidance technology
  • Pedestrian alert technology

You can download the free manual at the New York City Government web site or by clicking here.

Of course, Zone Defense is proud to design and manufacture a full line of vision, recording, tracking, and driver training/coaching technologies.

We were suprised that Driver coaching and mobile recording technologies were not mentioned. These technologies provide great training tools to improve safety, such as:

  • Advanced driver assistance that notify your driver in real time when they need to change certain behaviors such as overspeed, harsh turning/acceleration and more.

  • Captured video of close calls in your specific industry for safety training.

Zone Defense’s modular approach to safety technology will support your efforts from start to completion and for the life of the vehicle. Whether you are just starting to implement these best practices, or are ahead of the curve and growing your fleet safety program
If you’re looking to grow your fleet safety program, contact Zone Defense at 866.672.1212 or email


Zone Defense is expanding in 2018

New positions available in the US and Canada

By Teresa Prisbrey - February 7, 2018

Zone Defense is expanding and are looking for good people to join our team!

2018 is a year of expansion for Zone Defense. We've been adding to our team in Canada and the United States. Our latest new opening is for a United States sales representative. 

Once people join the Zone Defense team, they stick around for quite a while. Our sales group averages over 5 years with the company, with many joining the team within the first year of Zone Defense opening our doors. 

If you are interested in joining the Zone Defense team, please visit our web site at to see all our current openings or email your resume and cover letter to

Keep an eye out for future posts as we'll be adding even more team members through the year. 

Irma Update: Power is back on at Zone Defense

By Teresa Prisbrey - September 18, 2017

To our valued customers,

As you know, our corporate offices are in St. Petersburg. We were extremely lucky that we were not in an evacuation zone. Unfortunately, as we reported earlier, we did lose power. We are excited to report that due to the tireless work of so many, our power was restored this morning.

We’re the lucky ones…

As mentioned, we were lucky. We had a generator that allowed us to keep the bare minimums up and running. The night of the hurricane, our offices became a reprieve for those who were evacuated. Our team brought in air mattresses, food, and other supplies to give shelter to people and pets who were in the evacuation zone. After the storm, we used our generator to allow those without power to come in and power up their phones.

Due to the hard work of so many people, we were fortunate enough to have only one day when we couldn’t ship products from our corporate office. In addition, we kept our support lines open throughout the week.

None of this could have been accomplished without the help of others. We’d like to take a moment to recognize those who helped make this possible.

Thank you…

To all the utility and energy companies: Teams from all over the US have come into Florida to help restore power as quickly as possible. These men and women are working around the clock, often with minimal breaks and basic supplies while stores and shops were closed.

To the DOT, National Guard, waste companies, and community at large:  We’ve been in awe of the speed in which everyone has rolled up their sleeves to clear the roads to ensure supplies can be brought into the surrounding areas. These heroes have kept our city safe, responded at unbelievable speeds in testing the many bridges surrounding our city, and have worked 24/7 to ensure major thoroughfares are cleaned and repaired. Without their cleanup efforts, our roads and bridges would still be impassable. We’ve also watched as our community and neighbors have come together to help those who were not as fortunate: taking in complete strangers; bringing food, water, and other supplies to those without; and simply rolling up their sleeves to help remove debris to help neighbors and businesses alike.

To UPS and FedEx: We are impressed! How you managed to show up the day after a hurricane to ship our safety products to our waiting customers is above and beyond any realistic expectations. Thank you!

To First Responders (Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Paramedics, Ambulance): When the rest of us were still taking shelter, you were the first to hit the roads to look for those affected. You’ve kept our city safe, our loved ones protected, and provide the critical care for so many in their time of need.

What’s next…

It will take some time for Florida to completely recover from this event. There is still a lot of clean up left and many of our neighbors are still without power. It will be quite a while to learn the true damages caused by this event. We continue to keep everyone affected in our hearts. We ask that everyone continue to be patient, understanding, and caring as Florida and Texas work so hard to bounce back.

The Zone Defense Family