Mobile Digital Video Recording & Tracking

In today’s world of distracted driving, quite often it isn’t your driver that causes the many accidents on the road today. It is usually the “other guy”. In-cab DVR’s allow you to provide video evidence to exonerate your driver, while also providing critical real-world training tools to change driver behaviors. We offer multiple mobile digital video recording solutions to meet your specific needs including: Dashboard cameras with forward and cab facing cameras, MDVR’s that record from every camera installed on the vehicle, and even MDVR’s that notify your driver if someone has attempted to enter their vehicle or cargo area even when the vehicle is not running. We provide a complete event triggering library and the ability to trigger your own events. We also allow you to decide how to download your videos and events: SD Card, Wi-Fi, or Cellular options are available. With our digital recording solutions, you can track your vehicles, view live video feed from mobile devices, and protect your driver’s and company from frivolous lawsuits. CALL TO ORDER: 1.866.672.1212


Zone Defense Birdseye 360 HD (MUL.360.VSV.HD)

A Birdseye view provides your drivers with a panoramic view of obstructions around their vehicle while also providing a detailed look of area based on triggers such as reversing and turning (left/right blinker), Learn mo

Zone Defense Bookmark Button for ProSeries (R.AVS.BUTTON.S1)

Allow your drivers to manually bookmark a recorded event with a push of a button...

Zone Defense Pro Series Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR)

Ready to step you your game with the Zone Defense Pro Series MDVR? The powerhouse of MDVR's, the Pro Series is available with multiple connection options and allows you the flexibility to customize to fit your needs...Click here to learn more.

ZoneDefender® HD Dashboard Camera (DR-200)

This easy to install dashboard camera is a fully functioning event and driver recorder with front and driver facing cameras in a small footprint and right priced to fit any budget. Learn more...

Zone Defense Black Box (R.AVS.400B.4)

Zone Defense’s Black Box Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) is a powerhouse in small form factor. Learn more...

Zone Defense All-In-One MDVR (R.XR9.KIT)

There is no need to purchase a recording device with this all-in-one monitor and mobile digital video recorder. This fleet safety solution integrates tracking, recording, with clear vision to give drivers the view they n