Protecting Officers that protect us:

  • Video Proof: Monitor and record traffic stops and police/community interaction with mobile digital video recording (MDVR) and cameras.
  • Prevent accidents with cameras and customized detection zones that give drivers a clear view around the vehicle as well as an audible alert. 
  • Track and monitor vehicle location while on the road.
  • Video Training: Provide real-world examples of best practices and miscues to train officers.

Law Enforcement Statistics:

According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP):

  • 93% of the time a complaint is filed regarding police misconduct and there is video evidence, the officer is exonerated.
  • Officers with in-cab video surveillance / recording systems saw an 18% increase in job satisfaction.
  • After using an in-cab video surveillance / recording system, officers feel 35% safer, with over 80% reporting they prefer vehicles with these systems installed.

Recommended Industry Solutions:

1 2 4 3
1: Blind Spot Vision

  • All cameras meet FMVSS 111 viewing standards.
  • Multiple monitor types available to fit cab configurations.
  • Multiple views available: Rear, Side(s), 360 degree and Birdseye. 
2: Collision Warning

  • Add audible alerts to vision system.
  • Industrial grade sensors withstand harsh conditions.
  • Fully integrates with vision system!
3: Dashboard Camera

  • Dual in-cab and forward facing camera monitors and records external and driver activities
  • Multiple triggers capture and tag video for later viewing
  • Provide training tool with real world video examples
  • Exonerates officer and company with video proof
4: In-Cab Dome Camera

  • Capture and record prisoners/transports in the cab

  • Record 1-8 cameras simultaneously
  • Multiple data download options available (Wi-Fi, Cellular, SD Card)
  • Preprogrammed and customized event capture triggers and notification options.
  • Manual event capture button allows driver to trigger video capture when a non-triggered event occurs such as bullying and stop arm violations.
  • Great training tool to change risky behaviors before an accident occurs.
6: Tracking

  • GPS tracking allows you to always know where the police car is located

Benefitting Law Enforcement:

Reduce struck by accidents

Our completely integrated line of collision awareness and collision avoidance tools work in the harshest conditions to give your bus operators the information they need to prevent backing and blind spot accidents.  

Protects your safety investment

Safety is an investment and you need a system that is flexible enough to grow with you as your bus safety needs change. That is why we manufacture our systems to be interchangeable with Zone Defense and other 3rd party cabled systems. 


Exonerate officers of liability

With the most recent statistics showing that 93% of complaints are exonerated when video proof is available. Adding recording devices to your mobile fleet from police cars to prisoner transport vehicles give you the proof you need to protect your officers.

Ask our experts for a quote today

Contact your representative today (links to contact us map) to determine which solutions will help reduce your critical safety issues with today’s budget, while ensuring you are set up to easily add-on more components as your fleet, safety, and budget allows. 


Improve worker behaviors to reduce accidents

Our MDVRs provide automatic triggers and customized trigger to capture when officers are making potential dangerous choices. Most of our customers utilize these videos as training tools to change poor behavior or to show proper behavior to their team.  

When you are ready, contact Zone Defense. Our fleet safety integrators will help you determine the best system based on your industry, vehicle type, and budget.


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