Pro-Vision and Zone Defense

We are excited to announce Pro-Vision has acquired Zone Defense. Our teams have been working closely together to make sure the customers of both companies receive all the benefits this merger has provided including:

  • Access to expanded hardware and software offerings for rear and side vision systems, vehicle recording systems, body-worn camera systems, and advanced video management software.
  • Increased access to technical support personnel: Through the merger, our support team has grown by more than 400%.
  • Expanded expertise: Our in-house development team grew in both size and expertise, giving you even more options for future features to the Zone Defense product line. 
  • Our New Product and Marketing Teams have also expanded, meaning we will be offering more steering committees and other opportunities for you to share your needs and future feature requests.
  • Finally, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to fleet safety and vision technologies, integration, and development.

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Featured Product

Ultimate Canadian Camera


Introducing the Ultimate Canadian Vision System - tested and proven in the most extreme Canadian roads and weather conditions.

Anyone who has ever driven in the great north knows how much of a beating their vehicles take during the winter months. That same is true for any accessories inside or outside of your vehicle.

The Ultimate Canadian Series was developed specifically with Canadian winters in mind. This series includes the use of corrosion resistant materials; enhanced night vision infrared; anti-vibration ratings, and more.

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Zone Defense Benefits:

Improve Fleet and Driver Safety

Our completely integrated line of fleet safety tools are engineered improve your driver’s situational awareness. These systems are easy to install, simple to understand, and provide your drivers with the visual and audible alerts they need to prevent accidents.  

Improve Driver Behavior

One of the fleet industry’s biggest obstacles is finding and retaining qualified drivers. Our line of driver assistance, dash camera, and recording devices allow you to use real-world examples for training and notify drivers about dangerous/illegal maneuvers as they are happening so they can make the correction before an accident occurs. 


Improve Fleet Risk Management ROI

Do you know your biggest problem areas? Our systems allow you to receive immediate notifications of the most dangerous infractions, customize how and when you get these notifications, and easily analyze triggers to learn the most common infractions, the safest drivers, and those that can use a little more training.

Seamlessly integrate with other technology providers

Zone Defense has teamed up the most well-known telematic, GPS, truck manufacturers, and other technology providers to completely integrate our systems with their technology. The end result for your team is having a single view point for all your fleet technology. 


Work directly with the manufacturer

Our best solutions come from your real-world experiences. We have engineered and manufactured customized solutions for other OEMs and Fleet owners alike. Our turn-around time from concept to completion exceeds manufacturing standards. If you have a problem, we can build a solution. 

Flexible modular approach to build your system as your safety needs change

Whether your goal is to add a simple rearview camera and monitor, provide full 360 coverage, or integrate with telematics, GPS and mobile recording, Zone Defense is there for you. Our systems are module based, which means you can easily begin building your safety system to meet your immediate safety concerns and budget constraints and add more system later, protecting your initial investment.


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