Improve Work Site Safety

  • Improve driver situational awareness
  • Provide drivers clear view of dangerous blind zones to reduce accidents
  • Audible alerts easily integrated to provide clear warnings when objects appear
  • Customize object detection alert zones by machine type
  • Always know where your motorized and non-motorized equipment is located 

Construction Statistics

According to the latest OSHA statistics (

  • There were 937 worker fatalities in construction in 2015
  • 60% of construction workplace injuries occur within the employee’s first year of employment
  • Two of the four “Fatal Four” accidents responsible for more than half of construction worker deaths include moving machinery struck by and caught-in/between accidents. 

Recommended Industry Solutions:

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1: Blind Spot Vision

  • All cameras meet FMVSS 111 viewing standards.
  • Multiple monitor types available to fit cab configurations.
  • Multiple views available: Rear, Side(s), 360 degree and Birdseye.
2: Collision Warning

  • Add audible alerts to vision system.
  • Industrial grade sensors withstand harsh conditions.
  • Customize the detection zones based on machine, work site, and maneuvering requirements.
  • Fully integrates with vision system!
3: MDVR and Tracking

  • Record 1-8 cameras simultaneously
  • Multiple data download options available (Wi-Fi, Cellular, SD Card)
  • Preprogrammed and customized event capture triggers and notification options.
  • Great training tool to change risky behaviors before an accident occurs.
4: Tracking

  • Always know where your motorized or non-motorized assets are located.
  • Great for trucks, yellow-iron, tools, moveable barriers, and more.

Benefitting the Construction Industry:

Improve Worker Safety

Our completely integrated line of collision awareness and collision avoidance tools work in the harshest conditions to give your drivers and operators the information they need to prevent backing and blind spot accidents.

Improve worker behaviors to reduce accidents

Our MDVRs provide automatic triggers and customized trigger to capture when your operators are making potential dangerous choices behind the wheel. Most of our customers utilize these videos as training tools to change poor work site behavior before it causes accidents.


Save time and money

With asset tracking and recordings of accidents, our customers have been able to reduce their costs. Asset tracking allows them to easily find non-motorized items such as road barrios, large tool boxes, etc easily to move them to the next job without the need to replace missing items. Captured video has provided the proof companies need to exonerate the company from frivolous lawsuits.

Protects your safety investment

Safety is an investment and you need a system that is flexible enough to grow with you as your fleet safety needs change. That is why we manufacture our systems to be interchangeable with Zone Defense and other 3rd party cabled systems. 


Ask our experts for a quote today

Contact your representative today to determine which solutions will help reduce your critical safety issues with today’s budget, while ensuring you are set up to easily add-on more components as your fleet, safety, and budget allows. 

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