Collision Warning Systems

Enhance your driver’s view with integrated object detection collision warning radar systems. Collision Warning systems are constantly watching the driver’s blind spot, even when their attention might be elsewhere. Once something has been detected, the driver receives an audible alert to warn them that there is something or someone in harm’s way.

Zone Defense provides both automotive-grade and industrial-grade collision warning sensor options. Detection zones are set based on your vehicle type and most dangerous areas, including rear, left or right side, forward, or any combination of these for a complete system.

Both systems fully integrate with Zone Defense monitors and cameras, providing a complete visual and audible driver experience as recommended by NHTSA for all on road and off-road vehicles. CALL TO ORDER: 1.866.672.1212


Zone Defense 24GHz Radar Object Detection (S.ZD.398.RDS)

FINALLY, a heavy duty object detection system that handles extreme environments without the extreme cost. 

Zone Defense 360 Detect (S.ZD.397HDF.V12)

Give your drivers additional time to react with 360 degree object detection! As an added bonus, this system easily integrates with the Zone Defense Birdseye 360 camera system AND can be retrofitted or installed at build. Click to learn more...

Zone Defense Birdseye 360 HD (MUL.360.VSV.HD)

A Birdseye view provides your drivers with a panoramic view of obstructions around their vehicle while also providing a detailed look of area based on triggers such as reversing and turning (left/right blinker), Learn mo

Zone Defense Smart Side Detect BSD (S.ZD.398.BSD)

Zone Defense Smart Side Detect BSD, an intelligent side blind spot detection system that uses advanced programming to determine when and how to alert drivers to objects in their blind spot. 

Zone Defense Vision / Radar Fusion

Zone Defense has partnered with Preco Electronics to develop this industrial-grade collision avoidance system. The Zone Defense Vision/Sentry Sensor Fusion system integrates the proven power of rear vision systems with t

Zone Defense / Side Collision Warning Radar System

The Side Defender system actively warns operators with audible and visual alerts, in order for them to take the appropriate actions to mitigate collisions. Easily integrates with vision and telematic systems...

Ultrasonic Rear Collision Warning System (S.ZD.397.HDF)

The Zone Defense Ultrasonic system is our automotive-grade collision warning system. Built and priced for over-the-road fleets that don’t need the cost associated with an industrial-grade sensor system...