Accident Avoidance Cameras

Zone Defense offers multiple camera options that integrate with both Zone Defense and other 3rd party monitors. Easily add side, forward, cargo, or passenger cameras to your monitor. CALL TO ORDER: 1.866.672.1212


Dual Side View Camera (CAM.313MS.V4A.DUO)

COMING SOON!The latest breakthrough in blind side monitoring. The Zone Defense Dual Side View Camera was designed to show both a close up and long distance view from the side of the vehicle to reduce blindside accidents

Night Vision Mini-Side Camera with Audio (CAM.313MS.V4A)

Big things come in small packages! The Zone Defense Mini Side camera gives you a great image, audio around the camera, and infra-red lighting for night vision in a camera with a small footprint on your vehicle.

Standard Camera (CAM.313C)

The Zone Defense core camera is a great addition to enhance the viewing around your vehicle. Whether you want to replace and existing camera to improve your viewing experience; add a camera to an existing monitor to cove

Zone Defense Digital Wireless Color Camera (CAM.313C.DW)

The Zone Defense Digital Wireless Color camera will pair with your Zone Defense single camera view digital wireless monitor.   

Zone Defense Forklift Camera (CAM.313.FLC)

The Zone Defense Forklift Camera was designed specifically for the unique maneuvering and viewing angles required to maneuver.

Zone Defense HD Heated Camera (CAM.313CH.HD)

High Definition camera that automatically heats up it's feeling cold! If you have harsh winters, we have the camera for you...

ZonePro ADAS (R.AVS.ZP.V1 / R.AVS.ZP.V2)

What if a Safety Manager was sitting next to your drivers every time they got behind the wheel? Would driving patterns and behaviors changes? ZonePro is your driver's virtual coach, while also providing video and images

Heated Camera (CAM.313CH)

The Zone Defense Heated camera is a great addition to enhance the viewing around your vehicle, even in the coldest conditions. Click to learn more...

Shutter Camera (CAM.313SH.4P)

The Zone Defense Shutter camera is a great addition to enhance the viewing around your vehicle, even in the most extreme conditions. Whether you want to replace and existing camera to improve your viewing experience; add

Ultimate Canadian Camera (ZD.CAM.313MCH)

The Ultimate Canadian family of vision systems was designed for fleets that work in the most extreme environments. Anyone who has ever driven in the great north knows how much of a beating their vehicles take during the

License Plate Bar Camera (CAM.313LP.V2)

The easy mount license plate camera is ideal for trucks with limited real estate on the back of their vehicle. The camera provides an extra wide viewing angle that exceeds FMVSS 111 field of view requirements.

Color Night Vision Side Camera (CAM.313MS)

The Zone Defense Mini Side camera easily connects to any Zone Defense cabled safety solution, including recording devices, surround vision, or rear vision systems. The camera offers a 120 degree viewing angle in a small

In-cab Mini Forward Dash Camera (CAM.313MS.NML)

The Zone Defense forward facing camera was designed specifically for in-cab use with a small footprint and the ability to see through the windshield without image quality being affected by the cab’s ambient light. The re

Dome Camera (CAM.313D)

The Zone Defense Dome camera was designed to mount on the dome of a vehicle, bus, armored truck, prison transport truck or any vehicle with a cargo area that needs to be monitored. The camera is mounted inside the cargo

Mini Dome Camera (CAM.313DM)

The Zone Defense Mini Dome camera is a smaller version of the Zone Defense Dome camera, best used when you have limited space for mounting and do not need to hear what is happening in the area being monitored

Dual In-cab and Forward-facing Camera (CAM.300.DUO)

The Zone Defense Dual Camera was made for use with mobile digital video recording devices. Click to learn more...

Zone Defense Bracket Mounting Camera (CAM.313BT)

If you need a quick mounting camera that will easily attach to most existing rails or external brackets, this is the camera for you. Our customers generally purchase this camera specifically to mount on the exterior side

Bullet Camera (CAM.313RBS)

Enhance your view by adding the Zone Defense Bullet Camera to your vision system. As with all Zone Defensed cabled cameras and monitors, this camera can be easily attached to any of the cabled Zone Defense vision safety

FLIR Thermal imaging camera (CAM.FLIR)

Zone Defense has partnered with FLIR to provide the most reliable and affordable thermal imager available today. This nighttime vision camera is ideal for a variety of transportation and other driver vision enhancement a